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  • Feedback Locked pick feedback


    New Member
    I firmly like the idea of picks being locked to their owner. It is so immensely unsatisfying to grind for 12 hours a day on your own pick only to find someone made a gang pick and are miles ahead of you. It also provides a more realistic picture of how much people grind, and competition could be more fun in my opinion, since there wont just be a maxed pick going around in the gang for efficiency.
    Edit: it would also help balance the economy probably.


    But also if you lock picks it’s going to take FOREVER cause rn few people have ability to get zircon and no one has jade yet with pick sharing. It’s going to take basically whole season to get zircon with locked picks


    New Member
    This would definitely cut out gang picks being stolen or disenchanted.

    Would be nice to maybe see a gang pick option, like maybe pay an x amount of beacons or orbs to pay to have the same pick active, but its enchants cut by x% per user using the same pick at once. If that's not in the cards, oh well.

    Would make the game a little more interesting if every player was held accountable for their own progress, and not just given a free ride, if they got loaded gang members.


    +0 I'd say yes, lock pickaxes to owners, but also a good idea is change petscrolls to pickaxe scrolls, and make pets shared instead, this way gang members can help eachother.