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  • Official July Staff Wave


    Hello OPLegends

    It is the month of July, which means we have our monthly staff wave and changelogs. Thank you to all those who have applied for our Helper Applications. Applications will now be managed monthly and per the requirements from now on. We made arrangements and updates due to the recent partners creating content and needing extra staff to manage our network. With all of this being said, please congratulate the following players who have been accepted. Please also congratulate those in our staff team who have been promoted.

    New Staff Members:
    @ImMojoPlays -> Helper
    @Donaldo -> Helper
    @Ghosar_ -> Helper
    @ItsDillyyy -> Helper
    @_Z5F -> Helper

    Staff ChangeLogs:
    SamBagg -> Player
    oSeans -> Player

    Anonymous_OG -> Resigned Staff
    Zlurpy -> Resigned Staff
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