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    Official Forum Rules
    Last Updated: May 2021

    These rules apply to all users on our forums, regardless of any package/rank purchased from our store. If you fail and/or refuse to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned. Therefore, we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid receiving punishments. Warning points last for 5 months. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the usage of alternative accounts. All decisions made by the staff are final. If you feel a member of our team is abusing and have issued warning points when they are acceptable please report them here.

    Chat Rules:
    The forums is a place for conversations or idea sharing. Any comments which are made purely to boost your forum post number, spam a thread for any reason, or comments made on posts more than 14 days from the last post is not tolerated. This also includes bumping posts too regularly (You are allowed to BUMP your post every 24 hours from the last post). This also includes posting threads as a joke in the wrong sections. Make sure you do not double post. Instead, edit your message and reply to one post.
    1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning 4th Warning

    Toxicity | Inappropriate Language:
    Toxicity will not be tolerated under any circumstances, high ranking staff hold the right to punish you severely. The Management team wants this community to be safe and welcoming, and therefore, no mercy will be shown. Be kind to all players on our network and keep the levels of disrespect to a minimum. Any serious disrespectful comments will get you punished, as well as constantly disrespecting/attacking players.
    1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning 4th Warning

    Foreign Languages:
    The only language permitted to be spoken throughout our forums is English, any other language will result in warning points. This does not include private messages.
    1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning 4th Warning

    Inappropriate Links:
    As much as we like people to post and to share their moments throughout forums. It is important that we are sharing server related videos. Any that are redirecting to racial content or other NSFW material will not be tolerated and warning points will be given.
    1st Warning 2nd Warning 3rd Warning 4th Warning

    Influencing Suicide | Self-Harm | Death Wishes:
    Encouraging suicide and/or self-harm in any way. This includes but is not limited to statements regarding how a person should harm themselves. Wishing death upon someone or yourself will also result in punishment.
    1 Day Ban 5 Day Ban 14 Day Ban Permanent Ban

    Intentional Advertising:
    Joining our forums to post an IP or information about an upcoming server, events or other servers releasing is not permitted and therefore will result in a punishment.
    Permanent Ban

    Dox Threats | DDOS Threats:
    Leaking a players personal information will result in a blacklist, as well as threatening or joking to DDOS a player offline is taken seriously and will result in a punishment.
    Permanent Ban

    Forum Banned:
    If you have been permanently banned please make an appeal or contact us on discord.
    Please contact @Kieran | @Lemon to discuss your ban appeal.

    4 Warning Points = 1 Day Ban
    10 Warning Points = 5 Day Ban
    15 Warning Points = 14 Day Ban
    20 Warning Points = Permanent Ban

    • Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules before using any of our services.
    • Senior staff can permanently ban or issue warning points at their discretion if you are considered to be a nuisance to the server, staff, or our community.
    • Not all examples are listed in the rules, and players can be punished for something that is not directly specified.
    • All warnings which are given by staff members are permanent and will stay on your account history.
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