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  • Fizz's Introduction!


    New Member
    • Let us know who you are, state your name, let us know of any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called.Hi! I'm Fizz/or my real name is James! My nicknames are Fizz and buggy but just call me James if you would like.
    • What is your favourite game-mode on OPLegends? Prisons!
    • What music do you listen to? Do you have a favourite artist? I listen to a variety of music such as Country, Rock, HipHop, Rap, and Techno. My all time favorite artist right now is Alabama a country band!
    • Tell us some interesting facts about yourself. I am adopted, I am a red belt in karate(Stopped doing it years ago) I also LOVE and I mean LOOOVVVEE Spicy foods!
    • What makes you unique? My weird personality definitely.
    • Do you have any talents? Heh, I can almost juggle does that count xD
    • Do you have any hobbies? You could share those: I workout, I also make bracelets sometimes with paracord. Other than those I just play minecraft and pet my dogs and cats.