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    Official Event Information
    Last Updated: May 2021

    We will be hosting a range of different events on our network. These will be available in this subsection and will also be broadcasted in our discord server with links to the recent posts. There will be no set days where we be hosting events. Events are going to be happening during the weekends, they could fall on any of these days - Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We will be adding this prefix to indicate an Event will be taking place: Event

    The Events will be displayed clearly in this subsection, if you do not like an event or you would like to suggest some events for us to try and add to our network, please do not hesitate to submit a suggestion or contact us to describe your event.

    Event Manager:
    Our Events Manager @Tom will be hosting these events as well as other members of our management team. He will make sure that these events are running smoothly and on time. You will be able to win exclusive limited edition items, vouchers and bonuses for the network when you win!

    • When you are participating in an event please make sure that there is only one account per IP.
    • When you are participating in an event, any cheating or exploiting will instant disqualify you and you will be punished accordingly.
    • To make this fair for everyone, no-one is excluded and we will try and make the time of the event work for the majority of our community. We do apologise for whatever reason this timing might have caused.
    • The management team can cancel or change the event at anytime due to any unseen reasons, issues that might have occurred.
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