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    I do not want to make this long or give excuses why this map has been a total disappointment on all levels. We understand a lot of our OG players have been extremely disappointed, and for that we are sorry. Since the start of OPLegends, we thought being OP would hurt the growth of our server for the long term, and the more we look back the more we realized how wrong we were on so many levels. We are going to own this mistake it sucks, but we are not going to give up on this map because things didn't go as a plan if anything it makes us want to work harder. Down below are the changes you will be seeing on the server from Tuesday to Friday..........

    - Raising the Mine Key Drop Chance by 50%
    - Making the Enchant Prices 35% Cheaper
    - Removing the Enchant Requirements all together
    - Buffing Crates (for the last time)

    - The start of booster palooza we will be activating a new booster every single day up until Saturday where on Saturday we will be enabling every booster on the server for 8 hours.

    - We will be adding Blocks Mined, Enchant Processing, Time Played Milestones. You will be receiving rewards for each milestone you complete.

    I want to say thank you to everyone who has been playing the server even though it's not what you expected, we are going to make this right. OPlegends might be down bad right now, but the future is brighter than ever this weekend will be a weekend to remember. It's my birthday weekend as well so you know I won't disappoint! We will be posting all the plans for this weekend on Friday! We have a lot of good things to look forward such as RKY's first upload on OPLegends so get ready!