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  • Suggestion Daily rewards


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    Daily Rewards

    So something I think could be cool is daily rewards, you could login to the hub or something or the realm you are playing on and claim it. You are able to claim it up to 7 days, on each day leading up to day 7 you will get a daily rewards package or something like that, could possibly be a loot box, this package and what is inside it would depend on your rank. There also would be an expire time on it, this loot box would last for 7 days, I also think it should be player locked so only that player can use it. I’m not sure what could happen after day 7 but maybe it could reset back to day 1 and continue the process of logging in for 7 days or maybe reset every Monday at 12am in the morning so you have exactly 7 days to reach the goal of 7 days. I probably explained this pretty badly but that’s pretty much the idea I had.

    Example of the item:

    Name: (Legend) Day 7 Reward
    Lore: Expires on 7-18-2021 @ 11pm est

    Lore: Owned by Zlurpy
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    Mate increase the text size :rolleyes:

    Good suggestion, kind of like it. Could you perhaps make a mock-up of the rewards whenever you get time? So we can see what the community would like if this were to be added.


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    Well me making a mock-up of rewards wouldn’t really do much, but it would just be a lootbox type of deal just changed a little bit to work with being bound to a player and expiring. I think the rewards could be something decent considering it will be changing for each rank so maybe legend could have a chance of winning a fly voucher or smtn (just an example) but for mortal it would be fly time cause they don’t got perma flight