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    Daily Deals

    Daily deals is a suggestion I held off for awhile and forgot to post I but I think it could be an awesome addition.

    There could be a command like /deals or /dailydeals. It would then pop up with 5 items or so and could happen 1-3 times per day to combat time zones. (the chat would be notified, kinda like how frenzy works)

    Daily Deals can be purchased with selective currencies for different items; orbs, exp, etc. When you hover over the item it would say the price and the quantity left. Ex. 5 pet boxes for 100k EXP

    The catch is that only a certain amount of people on the server could purchase it.
    (Ex. 25 people can buy it in the server, then would be sold out)

    People wouldn't have time to alt it since quantity would be low so everyone would be looking at it.

    Let me know your thoughts on this thanks :)
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    I like this, it's pretty similar to our rotating EXP Shop but I like it because it involves multiple currencies. I also like the limited stock aspect of it.