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    I don't like how community showcase is on your plot, and how you have to reset your plot every week. I think there should be a separate area for the community showcase. a command like /communityshowcase join where you don't have to fill out a forum and it makes it easier on the judges to judge where they can just type in a command and be taken to all of them lined up. And to where you don't have to buy materials sorta like creative because if you don't have fly it's hard to do those build and where you can just choose a block and when you leave that plot it disappears from your inventory. and if certain people are just using it for an extra plot you shouldn't be able to store anything in the chest and they should just be for decor. I also like the idea of having certain commands that make it easier to build on these community showcase plots. Sort of like creative single player. Because mining and removing all the grass blocks is a little tedious. Like in creative you have commands like /fill coordinates coordinates block and also copy and paste so you're not spending 18 plus hours on builds as I have before in community showcase and that was just mining out my plot, not the actual building part. nad with this expansion to community showcase I feel like a lot more people would participate in this event.
    it should be added because it allows so much more opportunity and makes community showcase easier and would definitely attract more players to community showcase.
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