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  • Official Community Showcase Requirements

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    Official Community Showcase Requirements
    Last Updated: June 2021

    The build must be on your plot for you to win the rewards, it cannot be on a friends, gang members or alternate accounts plot.
    To be eligible to win you must post your application in the "Community Showcase Forum."

    You are not allowed to use Schematica or Printer to do your build.
    Your Build must follow the Topic/Theme of the week for you to be eligible to win.
    You are not allowed to hire a builder to complete your build.
    You are allowed to use the internet for Inspiration, however you are not allowed to copy builds from the internet.

    Top 3 Winners Rewards:
    #1: $20 Buycraft Voucher
    #2: $10 Buycraft Voucher
    #3: $5 Buycraft Voucher
    To claim your reward you must create a thread in the "Payment Inquires Forum" and follow the format given.
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