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  • buzzcutseasons


    New Member
    • Let us know who you are, state your name, let us know of any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called.
      • hello! my ign is buzzcutseasons and my name is alex. i'm twenty and i'm from new york. i've been looking for a new prison server as it's been one of my favorite gamemodes on minecraft for years.
    • What is your favourite game-mode on OPLegends?
      • i've just joined so i've only played prison haha
    • What music do you listen to? Do you have a favourite artist?
      • music is a constant in my life, and i listen to a lot of artists of varying genres. ie taylor swift, phoebe bridgers, mitski, kendrick, paramore, vince staples
    • Tell us some interesting facts about yourself
      • i used to be a minecraft instagram "celebrity" (or maybe "influencer" is the right word today) in 2013 lol
    • What makes you unique?
      • honestly idk. i like to think i'm pretty cool though
    • Do you have any talents?
      • not to toot my own horn but i think i'm a pretty good writer. that's sort of it though
    • Do you have any hobbies? You could share those:
      • i collect vinyl records
    looking forward to playing more on this server! :)