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  • Suggestion Beacon help command


    New Member
    Minecraft Username: > Alsdair
    Is your suggestion for: Forums Discord In-Game > In game
    If your suggestion is relating to In-Game, please tell us the server: > Prisons

    What is your suggestion?
    Please add a /help beacons, command for next map. Have it list all the things you can do with beacons, as well as letting people know you can't withdraw from your backpack.

    Why should we add this suggestion?
    Would the admins/mods like to tell less people the same thing over and over again? There's a help menu like for pets, currencies, trophies, gems and ranks, if you add one for beacons commands and the basic information about it, maybe there will be less repeated questions coming from the new people joining the server.


    New Member
    That is true, but it's very cut and dry. Doesn't really answer the questions that you get asked about everyday. Maybe consider improving upon what you already have.