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  • Asmodeus Desmone


    New Member
    Hi my name IGN is AsmodeusDesmone but I go by Desmone/Des
    Also, I wanna include that I use they/them pronouns.
    My favorite gamemode has been the prison server, i've enjoyed my time on there
    I listen to literally anything, but system of a down is a favorite band of mine

    For some interesting facts:
    -I love frogs
    -I love random trivias
    -grinding mechanics are my favorite things in video games

    I wouldnt say anything makes me incredibly unique but i have a very complex experience of the world and stuff

    My talents include:

    My hobbies are:
    -And well yes, playing video game


    Welcome to the server! Hopefully I'd see you online soon, you seem really chill!
    And if you like grinding mechanics in video games, you'd love our 1.16 Skyblock and upcoming gamemodes.​


    Really?? They're so cool, random fact about them some frogs will freeze over winter, then thaw during spring and go back to doing their little business completely fine. I think that is very cool of them
    Wow, never knew that. I guess they are kinda cool. I like when their dead meat moves when you put spices on them