Skyblock-Specific Rules

These rules apply to all users on the OPLegends Network, regardless of any package or rank purchased from our store. If you fail and/or refuse to comply and follow these rules, you may be permanently banned or muted, therefore, we highly recommend that each user reads and follows these rules to avoid receiving punishments. We strongly prohibit any kind of punishment avoiding which includes the usage of alternative accounts.

All decisions made by the staff are final. If you feel a member of our team is abusing please report them using a Discord ticket or contact another staff member, preferably an admin.

Inappropriate Builds 30 Minute ban 6 Hour ban 1 Day Ban 3 Day Ban
Building sexual or racist symbols or figures. (All inappropriate builds will be removed from the offender's plot)
Inappropriate Nicknames or Inappropriate Renamed Items 30 Minute Ban 6 Hour ban 1 Day Ban 3 Day Ban
Using nicknames or renamed items with the intention of saying something offensive, racist or sexual will not be tolerated. This includes using any play on words to make an offensive term.
Insiding 14 Day Ban 30 Day Ban Perm Ban
As an Island Leader you are given full responsibility for your Island actions. If you place down an item on another Island, it is now the property of the Island owner. If you are insided, YOU must provide video proof of the insider stealing items. (We do NOT return items under any circumstances)
In-game & Buycraft Scamming 14 Day Ban 30 Day Ban Perm Ban
Agreeing to a trade and not fulfilling your end of the trade is not allowed. For example: A player agrees to do a buycraft deal (Beacons for a crate key), and the Crate key was purchased but no beacons were received. YOU must provide Video evidence of you getting scammed. (We do NOT return In-game items under any circumstances)
IRL Trading 14 Day Ban 30 Day Ban Perm Ban
You're not allowed to trade any in-game items for any items outside of OPLegends (Paypal Money, CSGO Skins, Optifine cape, Crypto, etc.) if caught both parties will be punished. However, You can purchase a gift card and trade in-game items for that gift card.
Alt Boosting / Alt Limit 7 Day Ban 14 Day Ban 30 Day Ban
The max accounts you can have per IP is 3 (1 Main & 2 Alternate accounts), you're only allowed to boost one of these alts.
Unfair Advantage/Cheating, Macros and Scripts 30 Day Ban 60 Day Ban Permanent Ban
Using any kind of Hack/Mod that give you an advantage over other players is Forbidden, Scripts/Macros to automatically move around or mine and give an unfair advantage are not allowed.
Auto-Mining, AFK Mining & AFK Farming 30 Day Ban 60 Day Ban Permanent Ban
Using any modification or or in-game functions to automatically Mine will not be permitted. as well as putting an item on your mouse to weigh down the button.
Lag Machines / Intention To Cause Performance Loss Permanent Ban
Creating lag machines or attempting to cause lag on the server.
Alternate Islands Disqualified for 1 Week Payouts Disqualified for 2 Week Payouts Disqualified for rest of the map
Using alternative accounts to compete for island top is not allowed. If you're caught attempting to compete with island top on an alternate account your main account island will be disqualified accordingly.