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    1. myokan

      Not fair lol

      Boosters stack, so they absolutely do something significant. As far as the concept of orbs being lost goes, the effect is minimal because you are still far along the line of progress in a way that new players are not. Buffs help everyone and I am surprised to hear that people think they are...
    2. myokan

      Feedback Feedback for some of these ideas

      Correct lol a casino isn’t gonna happen
    3. myokan

      Suggestion Daily Deals

      I like this, it's pretty similar to our rotating EXP Shop but I like it because it involves multiple currencies. I also like the limited stock aspect of it.
    4. myokan

      Suggestion Trading Posts (Shops)

      This is a pretty cool idea, I'll think about it.
    5. myokan

      Feedback Thoughts on the SOTW?

      This has been very useful feedback and have mostly been things I've been aware of since the start. Really, the issue with balancing is it's always possible to make things easier, but it's practically impossible to make things more difficult after they've been made easy. The goal of this reset is...
    6. myokan

      Official Prison Neptune MAP 7 - Releasing June 5th at 3PM EST

      No, I mean buffed. They are being made more rare and as such will have better rewards.
    7. myokan

      Suggestion A New Crate And More

      Our 1.16 has a friends system built in.
    8. myokan

      Official Prison Neptune MAP 7 - Releasing June 5th at 3PM EST

      (It's a redux! My favorite spawn from my favorite season of Prison is back, all to usher in a wonderful summer! I'm really excited for the amazing things we're doing this summer and I hope you are too!) Hey everyone, the newest season of Prison Neptune is finally here! With this release, we...
    9. myokan

      Feedback Feedback on Pickaxe Changes!

      That's an interesting point, I didn't account for that. I'll consider making it about 25% easier to account for that. These are also rough estimates, the actual level thresholds are based on active mining time (blocks broken) based on an average of around 950 raw blocks per minute, which is in...
    10. myokan

      Feedback Feedback on Pickaxe Changes!

      There might be some truth to this, but the calculation I did for the level costs seems "reasonable" for the most dedicated players. This is of course after accounting for the potential to have double pickaxe XP events and such which could make this time significantly shorter. Either way, based...
    11. myokan

      Happy birthday!

      Happy birthday!
    12. myokan

      Feedback Feedback on Pickaxe Changes!

      Fixed lol, had the wrong old level written in my notebook...
    13. myokan

      Feedback Feedback on Pickaxe Changes!

      Hey everyone! Looking to get some feedback on some balancing changes I'm proposing for Pickaxe Enchants for next map of prison. This really has two major components to it: pickaxe leveling changes and enchant changes. I've already implemented these on our test environment for staff testing +...
    14. myokan

      Suggestion Good suggestion but i need help in it

      I can do 1, 2, and 3 serverside for you :) Most of these are actually on the todo list for next map...
    15. myokan

      I'm having a wedding.

    16. myokan

      A Prisons Season like no other?

      From a technical standpoint, pickaxe level can't be changed back to count enchants because the pickaxe level calculation is handled independently of enchants (was a major performance bottleneck). That being said, we can rebalance the level requirements to make them more fair.
    17. myokan


      1) You're not Faihnn. 2) You're not recording next map. Closed + banned for impersonation
    18. myokan

      Feedback Skyblock V2 Compensations

      To add onto this, there are also other premium items which give access to commands to /feed, /enchant, /echest, /craft, and others. Gems are used for EVERYTHING of real world value. The difference from ranks is this system allows you to get perks piecemeal.