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    1. vDxPv

      Official Prison Neptune MAP 8: Releasing July 17th @ 3PM EST!

      Can't wait to play on release. Hype!!!!!!!!!!
    2. vDxPv

      Denied Pickaxe

    3. vDxPv

      Specter <3

      Specter <3
    4. vDxPv

      Official June Staff Wave

      Congrats to everyone <3
    5. vDxPv

      Official Prison Neptune MAP 7 - Releasing June 5th at 3PM EST

      HYPEEE! Cant wait for the new season. :)
    6. vDxPv


      Let us know who you are, state your name, let us know of any nicknames you have or what you would like to be called. Hi my name is vDxPv or people call me vD for short. What is your favourite game-mode on OPLegends? My favorite game mode is Prison. What music do you listen to? Do you have a...
    7. vDxPv


    8. vDxPv

      Denied Auction House Change

      +1 I feel like this could help out the players read the auction prices easier.
    9. vDxPv

      Denied New Pickaxe Gems

      +1 I like this idea.
    10. vDxPv

      ⚠️Important Question ⚠️

      They both Nasty