Prison Specific In-Game Rules

OPLegends strives to be an enjoyable and safe environment for all those in our community. To achieve this, we have formulated specific rules and corresponding punishments that are enforced by our staff team specifically for Prison Neptune. If you see an individual neglecting any of the following and there are no staff members present, then make sure to submit a player report on our discord. Please see below the colour coding for our tier system:

Mute Ban

Tier Offence Name Offence 1 Offence 2 Offence 3 Offence 4 Offence 5 Offence 6 Offence 7
T1 Inappropriate Nicknames Warning 30m 1h 3h 7h 12h 1d
T1 Inappropriate Renamed Items Warning 30m 1h 3h 7h 12h 1d
T1 Boss Spamming Warning 1h 3h 7h 12h 1d 3d
T2 Insiding 7d 14d 30d 60d Permanent
T3 Gang Disqualification Warning DQ for 1 Week of Payouts DQ for 2 Weeks of Payouts DQ for Rest of Map
T3 Alternate Gangs Warning DQ for 1 Week of Payouts DQ for 2 Weeks of Payouts DQ for Rest of Map
MD Management Decision Custom

Additional Information:
1. Spamming more than 3 Bosses at a time to spam the chat and to create lag on the server.

2. Insiding - As an Gang/plot Leader you are given full responsibility for your Gang/plot actions. If you place down an item on another plot/pmine, it is now the property of the Plot owner. If you are insided, YOU must provide video proof of the insider stealing items. (We do NOT return items under any circumstances)

3. Gang Disqualification is if the gang owner or a member is caught cheating, scripting or exploiting a bug the gang will be punished accordingly. This also includes Gang Rotating.

4. Using alternative accounts to compete for Gang top is not allowed. If you're caught attempting to compete with gang top on an alternate account your main account gang will be disqualified accordingly.